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  • When Robert Hyslop became a Christian and felt the call to serve God for the rest of his life, his response was, ‘Anything Lord.’ His Heavenly Father recognised the sincerity of this commitment in His child and took him up on it. ‘Anything Lord’ meant setting out with a new wife to a tropical country to teach a remote tribe about Jesus.

  • Becoming like Jesus is a short treatise on discipleship. It mirrors several years of carefully built convictions of God’s ultimate goal for mankind. The road to genuine and abundant living must wind through Golgotha with an ever increasing conformity with the man of Calvary, Jesus Christ, the Lord.

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  • A strange personal request the Lord Jesus first placed before a woman by the well of Jacob first at Sychar. Casual as it may seem yet He is looking for a drink in every woman’s life in this age.

  • God’s primary concern in every generation is the choice of right vessels to execute His plan. Through such men, He brings deliverance to suffering humanity in the realization of His purpose. This is a pattern consistent with God throughout history. This book, God’s Pattern for Christian Service is a must for anyone willing to be used of God today.

  • Marriage bore the brunt of the casualty at the fall of man in Eden. Since then most marital relationships have been nothing but caricature of God’s original plan. Ignorance of the divine objective, and the principles for maximizing this strategic union is the main weapon in the hands of the devil.

  • God’s concept of marriage is quite different from what is presently experienced in many families, and the whole world is worse off for it. In this book you will be confronted with two types of marriage:

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  • Many aspire to greatness; however, only a few ever attain true greatness in their lifetime. Yet what would take a man from nothingness to greatness, from grass to grace is not based on worldly standards. It is not borne on the wings of strife, or competition.