Revival and Restoration

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  • God’s primary concern in every generation is the choice of right vessels to execute His plan. Through such men, He brings deliverance to suffering humanity in the realization of His purpose. This is a pattern consistent with God throughout history. This book, God’s Pattern for Christian Service is a must for anyone willing to be used of God today.

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  • God’s concept of beauty is by far different from man’s idea. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart… Does being spiritual mean a woman should not look beautiful? Find out from this book how to be beautiful and yet be spiritual and win God’s approval over your life!

  • In the book in your hand, Bro. Gbile Akanni has proved scripturally and beyond any shadow of doubt that in God’s army there is nothing like “an emergency sanctification,” quickly put together in order to usher a man into a leadership position.

  • When He Comes, several things turn around… He has been coming severally to wake up His church in our care… but the “Marthas” have always stopped Him and kept Him on the same spot because of unbelief that manifests itself in conservatism, tradition and lethargy to change and to learning anything seemingly new!

  • Men of the force; whether police force, air force, naval force or the several security forces and para-militaries, do also have issues and difficulties of life that the forces of gun and other weapons of war cannot resolve.

  • Several men there are in this world who have become permanent victims of their circumstances… With no hope of ever rising near their divine ordained destiny. But this little book is a testimony of four hopeless lepers who dared to touch God and changed the status quo! How Did It Happen?