Marital Relationship

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  • A strange personal request the Lord Jesus first placed before a woman by the well of Jacob first at Sychar. Casual as it may seem yet He is looking for a drink in every woman’s life in this age.

  • Marriage bore the brunt of the casualty at the fall of man in Eden. Since then most marital relationships have been nothing but caricature of God’s original plan. Ignorance of the divine objective, and the principles for maximizing this strategic union is the main weapon in the hands of the devil.

  • God’s concept of marriage is quite different from what is presently experienced in many families, and the whole world is worse off for it. In this book you will be confronted with two types of marriage:

  • Anointing is the one and only ingredient which every minister patiently waits to receive from God. Hence anointing attracts heaven, men and hell to anyone who dares to pursue it until it begins to drop on and drip from his head.

  • God’s concept of beauty is by far different from man’s idea. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart… Does being spiritual mean a woman should not look beautiful? Find out from this book how to be beautiful and yet be spiritual and win God’s approval over your life!